Lamb Shish / Lamb Adana

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Lamb Shish / Lamb Adana

You're in Brooklyn, New York, and you're craving Turkish food? Would you like to meet Turkish cuisine, but haven't you had the opportunity yet? Are you longing for home country? You miss the taste of your mother's food? Are you looking for a place that will become indispensable for dinners? Rumors about the Turkish breakfast confuse you? Looking for healthy and delicious alternatives for your lunch breaks? Istanbul Bay, the best Turkish cuisine restaurant in the USA, brings you indispensable tastes of Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine. The tastes of Turkish cuisine are spreading from Brooklyn to America.

The historical development of Turkish cuisine is directly related to the vast geography the Turks have lived on and the ingredients that these geographies have offered, enabled Turks to form a very rich and varied food culture.

13th century Muslim saint and leader Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi, who is known for his poems and words of wisdom, established the religious philosophy of Sufism. In Sufism philosophy the most important place was the kitchen. In fact a person who wanted to become a member of the Dervish Lodge had to pass through some hard tests that takes place within the kitchen. During this time they were measured for their patience, obedience and endurance.

In the Topkapı Palace, the kitchen consisted of 8 different sections and laid on a land of 1.3 acres. There were various kitchens used for cooking food for different occupants of the palace depending on their rank within the palace.The kitchen brigade consisted of 60 chefs and 200 apprentices, who cooked food for 4000 people daily. However this number was doubled or even tripled during the council meetings, ceremonial days, and holidays.

In the year 1923, when Republic of Turkey was established, the Turkish cuisine was separated into two categories, Classıcal Turkish Cuisine and Regional (Folk) Cuisine. Classical Turkish cuisine reflects the cuisine of the Ottoman Palace, and it is the founding ground for the Turkish cuisine as we know today. Regional cuisine is the combined food culture of Turkey’s different regions. This cuisine is the result of different food related traditions and culture of inhabitants of Anatolia, who come from different backgrounds and ethnic groups, the soil structure, and the climate.

Lamb Shish / Lamb Adana , one of the first delicacies to come into your life when you meet Istanbul Bay. The recipe comes from the Turkish mothers, the heart of Turkish cuisine. Lamb Shish / Lamb Adana , which is one of the indispensable tastes of Turkish cuisine, is formed by the combination of rich spices in our special recipes. Those who are familiar with these flavors, familiar to those who know the Mediterranean cuisine, become the fan of Turkish cuisine.

Istanbul Bay offers you the most popular products of Turkish cuisine enriched with a thousand kinds of spices and Mediterranean cuisine which is an empire based on vegetable dishes. Come and try these traditional specialties in Istanbul Bay with the understanding of quality and fast service and experience the difference.